Blues of a Calm Night – 1

Just a picture I took near my home in Noida, India. Only a few vehicles on an otherwise calm road. Introduced some lomo effect on the edges and used infrared actions to make the scene look blue.

The new iPad – Black or White?

Oh my God!!

I think I am going to go crazy trying to decide whether to buy the new iPad BLACK or WHITE. Yes! You read it right. Since last few weeks, I’ve been contemplating which model (Wifi or Wifi+4G), which config (32GB or 64 GB) to buy. Once I decided to go for Wifi+4g, 64 GB model, I went to the store last night to finally buy it.

BUT. Solid confusion set in the moment I looked at the iPads. Black or White? Shit! Stuck again. I had decided for White beforehand and there was no question in my mind about it, but somehow it struck me that the White model on display had become quite dirty and somehow the elegance of the white, as seen on so many websites and ads, was totally lost. I couldn’t understand if the white would really look as great as I thought?

My sister was with me and suggested me to buy the white one only, since my mobile (Samsung Galaxy s2) is already completely black, and the black iPad would just look the same style. She was right and I gathered enough courage to stick to my initial choice of White.

Disaster struck when the store told me they were out of White ones. Hell!! Back to black. Now what? More confusion!! I couldn’t make up my mind. After all, I was about to spend 51,000 Rupees (it is much more expensive in India than it is in US) on a device in which I was not even getting the one color I had little confidence on.

So, I gave up completely and came back home, asking the store to inform me again when the White one is in stock. It’s an awful experience trying to decide this color because:

1. White is Nice and unique. Black is just like my current mobile.
2. White gets dirty easily, Black stays black.
3. White is distracting when watching pictures or movies, Black dissolves in the surroundings.
And the worst reason:
4. I want White. Maybe I should buy Black.

Back to square one!

Please guys, save me from this dilemma and help me decide by voting below. I cannot take this indecision anymore.

An Evening in The City

This is a picture I took at Connought Place (CP), Delhi in front of a building called Statesman House that has dominated the landscape of CP for so many decades. It is an amazing scene to stand at the outer cirle at CP and have a look around especially in the evenings.

The Liebster Award

After a very busy day of wandering about in Delhi looking to buy the iPad, but returning empty handed (a very long story, more on that later), I was feeling very tired and just logged in to check my blog. And what do I see? A fellow blogger Wanton Creation (hereafter WC), whose blogs I really like, has nominated my blog for the Liebster Award. (See

‘The What Award?’

Well, really, I had no clue about what this means because I am only 2 weeks old on Blog-land and wrote only a handful of posts. Then I went through his detailed post and other posts linked with it and that’s when I understood what the Liebster Award basically means.

So, let me start off by saying a big THANK YOU, WC (I can’t figure out your actual name from your pages so I hope you don’t mind me calling you WC for now). It is very nice of you to nominate me and I hope I will do justice to your questions.

The Rules

So, here is how it works. The award is targeted for those bloggers who have less than 200 followers. I had 15 when I started writing this post and 16 when I finished, so I guess I qualified pretty nicely.

Moving on, the rules say that I must answer 11 questions put up by the award giver. Fair enough, I will do so below.

Next, the rules go on to say that I must, in turn, pick 11 people of my own choice for the award and pose 11 new questions to them as well.  Now, that’s pretty interesting. I am also listing my list of 11 below and hopefully you, dear reader, will find them interesting as well.

But I liked the concept. I really did. It is a really nice way to introduce new bloggers like myself to the rest of the blogging community and give us some platform to talk about us and hopefully, a larger no. of bloggers will read what I have to say.

So, without further ado, here are my answers to questions put up to me, after which I will post my 11 nominations and their 11 questions:

Wanton Creation’s Questions (and my answers):

Q1. What’s your favourite word in the English language?
— My favourite word in English language is: “Sweetheart”. It just is.

Q2. What are you listening to as you write the answer to this question (if not music, what sounds)?
— I am listening to the slow hum of the air-conditioner in my room.

Q3. What was the last thing you ate that you really, really enjoyed?
— My mom cooked chicken curry at home and I went ballistic.

Q4. You’re at a job interview, and the interviewer asks you to make them laugh. What do you do or say?
— I would say, “Sorry Sir, but my doctor told me not to be myself today until I reach home.” And then I would look towards an imaginary figure behind him and wink.

Q5. The world is about to blow up, but you’re being saved, and are allowed to take five things to another planet (aside from the clothes you are currently wearing), where you and only 999 other people will now exist (ignore the bleakness of this question). What do you take?
— 1. My complete collection of Books.
(special mention: The book ‘Pale Blue Dot’ by Carl Sagan, so that I can remember my home planet when I miss it.)
— 2. My complete Photos Collection.
— 3. My iPod.
— 4. A Telescope.
— 5. My folder that contains all the Greeting Cards that I have ever been gifted.

Q6. What’s your favorite drink to consume first thing in the morning?
— Tea.

Q7. What was the last book to make you cry?
— Love Story by Erik Segal.

Q8. What’s the most ridiculous or silliest way you’ve been injured?
— I was reading a book and got a paper cut and it bled.

Q9. What’s your favourite city in the world? Why?
— My favourite city in the world has to be Paris. It’s just an awesome place to be if you are living there, or just visiting. There is absolutely so much to see and enjoy. Plus, I found people there to be partying really well in the few days that I stayed.

Q10. What’s the most embarrassing album in your music collection? (Be honest)
— Well, when I was a kid, I bought the album “Govinda” by an Indian actor turned one-time-singer of the same name. I basically did it because I was a big fan of the actor and I loved whatever work he did. In hindsight, I feel though he did make a serious effort of singing, the album was mostly crap.

Q11. To borrow an old line from a Crowded House song, would you rather a mansion in the slums or a caravan in the hills (i.e. a nice house in a not nice area, or a tiny living space but with views)?
— A caravan in the hills.

My list of 11 nominated blogs for Liebster Award:



The Happy Snapper


Minibreak Mummy

Writer vs the World

Books j’adore


The Paper Wallflower

The Backlist


My list of 11 questions to each of these award recipients:

Q1. What is your favourite book of all time?

Q2. Which is your favourite post from your own blog till date and why?

Q3. You’re meeting your girlfriend/boyfriend’s parents for the first time. What do you say or do to break the ice?

Q4. You are 100% free from work and other shackles for today. How would you like to spend your day? (in couple of sentences at most)

Q5. Have you ever read a book that challenged your intellect? Which one and how was it challenging?

Q6. Mention one of your obsessive compulsive habits that you’ve ever had. (like climbing stairs two steps at a time.. come on, everybody HAS something)

Q7. One thing that you have always been really good at.

Q8. One thing that you have always been really bad at.

Q9. What did you want to become when you were little and what have you become? Is it the same?

Q10. One thing that you would love to procrastinate forever, if it was so possible.

Q11. Favourite age at which you could go back and live it again.

I wish the nominees have a fun time trying to answer my 11 questions. I hope to see everyone’s response very soon.

Good Luck and Enjoy blogging….

World’s Most Dangerous Saloon


I don’t know the actual source of this image, just something I found one of my friends had shared on facebook. This is the sign board for a very dangerous saloon. Especially because it does children cutting.

The Beautiful Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki Cathedral is the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran cathedral of the Diocese of Helsinki, located in the centre of Helsinki, Finland.

A distinctive landmark in the Helsinki cityscape, with its tall, green dome surrounded by four smaller domes, the building is in the neoclassical style. It was designed by Carl Ludvig Engel as the climax of his Senate Square layout: it is surrounded by other, smaller buildings designed by him.

Working Like a Ghost

Danger! That’s what working for far too long does to you.

Basilica di Santa Maria – Salute, Venice

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, or The Basilica of St Mary of Health, commonly known simply as the Salute, is a Roman Catholic church and minor basilica located in the Dorsoduro sestiere of the Italian city of Venice. This picture was taken last year when I was in Venice. I could take only one good shot of the basilica since I was in a waterbus and other boats and waterbuses were constantly blocking the view and I also had to mind the shake. Finally, the view became unobstructed for a couple of seconds during which a quick finger did the trick.

Overcoming the hurdle of Post-Processing in Photography

This blog is for everyone who wants to be a good photographer but is frustrated at how to start post-processing of the pictures taken.

The Background:

Even though I have used Adobe Photoshop very well in the past for designing posters, certificates, creating website banners, etc. But all that was about 5-6 years back when I had my own website and I also used to manage websites for my college fests as well. However, I don’t do web designing and development anymore so that is that.

3 years back I bought my first DSLR and got very enthused with amateur photography. However, I was never satisfied with my photography because other folks simply took such beautiful photographs with such vibrant colors and which I could never achieve myself. Soon, I realized that it was due to good post-processing using Photoshop. After all, capturing good scenes with good compositions was only half the job and improving the picture in Photoshop was the 2nd half, which I never did.

I could never really understand how to begin with this because of one very grave mistake I was making. And that mistake was that I was trying to understand Photoshop again from scratch. I was trying to understand each menu, feature, filter, effect, etc. including what is hue, saturation, layers, blurs, blah blah blah. And all this was turning out to be too much to remember, too much to consider, as a result of which I never really saw a gain from this in the short or medium term. So, frustrated, I quit post-processing.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve travelled extensively to some of the most beautiful European cities like Stockholm, Paris, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, etc. and captured thousands of photographs with my camera and even published them on my Facebook account, but one thing that always disturbed me was that my pictures were never really any good since I never did any post-processing.

However, since last few days, I have been lucky to have taken interest in some Photoshop tutorial online and I have been able to identify simple ways to enhance my pictures easily and quickly. In the process, I learnt how to further ease my work by using actions and simply applying these actions to separate images. Soon, even that was not enough and I learnt creating complex actions and finally using these complex actions in batch processing to apply them automatically to a large selection of my photographs.

For example, see the two pictures below:

Original Image

Enhanced Image

The first picture was the original photograph that I took and the second picture was after enhancing it, attaching a watermark and Saving it, all using a single complex action, that I created myself, without trying to learn photoshop from scratch. See some more:

Palace Cinema Copenhagen – Original Image

Palace Cinema Copenhagen – Enhanced Image

MY Recommendations for easy tutorials for beginners in Photoshop:

(None of these tutorials are written by me but I am happy to share them with you.)

You can enhance pictures using Lab Method as explained in the following blog. I really like this method and the picture above has been enhanced using this only:

Inserting Watermark + including that in an Alignment + running them on multiple pictures in Batch mode:

To accomplish Save for Web in Batch mode, refer to this blog:

I hope these tutorials were helpful for you. For me, these have provided the much needed confidence to understand how to make my pictures look better and now I have more confidence in my photography than I had before.

I hope my sharing this will enable more like me to gain confidence with Photoshop. I will certainly share more tutorials that I come across, but I hope some of you readers will also share some good tutorials with me.

Please note, I am still a beginner at post-processing so if you find my pictures not well processed, please share my mistakes with me by commenting below.

Pictures On Fire

Just some random Post-Processing work with Photoshop on one of my Pictures.


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